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Today’s teens are in the crosshairs of continuously evolving societal distractions. Our young people are saturated with increasing cultural pressure. Families are struggling to unite; our political relationships are in turmoil; chemical abuse is a reality for many teens and mental health disabilities are on the rise. Traditional educational models focus on conformity and test scores, but entrepreneurial avenues are promoted and often desirable. Nurturing independence and successful life goals is crucial and will require teamwork, creative problem-solving and and the ability to possess empathy for the people with whom we work and live.

While multitasking via technology can be a positive tool for information gathering, it can also be to the detriment of our teens’ success. Balance is essential and must be taught and practiced intentionally. In addition, the majority of interactions occur through social media, resulting in shallow affirmation or a crippling effect on our self-worth. Unfortunately, our youth still lack experiential learning. They may get some in our regular schools, but memorable and meaningful impact is still missing. Thus, many kids cannot synthesize their skills into the real world upon graduation. The “soft skills”, such as communication, empathy and experiential learning are secondary to the test scores, not through the fault of our teachers or the students, but because this is the educational system norm, and norms are tough to change.

Due to these factors, our youth use current communication avenues inappropriately or non-productively. This often results in depression, social anxiety, decreased mental health and self-discipline, damaged relationships, low self-efficacy, and possibly suicide. Let’s face it, hopelessness ensues and just surviving can be daunting.

In order to counter this reality, a creative community connection can be essential for many of our youth. Teen Connect and Creative Immersion Experience will directly challenge social isolation by providing a safe space to explore one’s capacity through experiential learning and live personal relationships:

  1. Connect youth to creative community experiences and mentors

  2. Provide the space and opportunity to experience creative expression with a variety of mediums in a safe setting

  3. Establish healthy, creative habits and routine to express and communicate

  4. Exposure to and celebration of cultural diversity, encouraging a rich mixture of individual expression freely contributing to one’s identity and understanding of commonality and differences.


Our hope is that our youth can become comfortable with communicating in a creative, supporting community and eventually feel safe to branch out into the greater community. Networking in the creative community is modeled, practiced and encouraged. Empathy and respect are cultivated and encouraged, while healthy and appropriate social media use is modeled. Teens will learn how to engage in meaningful conversations with peers and communicate in person, while utilizing their devices for creative vision and resources.

The Teen Connect and Creative Immersion Experience will include a customized weekly gathering with the opportunity for our teen population to experience two preplanned creative experiences each week, along with a chance to naturally co-mingle with their peers in a safe and collaborative space, with an emphasis on self-care, communication and creativity. The initiative is currently reserved for teens, ages 15-19, with the possibility of expanding our lens at a future date.

Along with the customized Teen Connect and Creative Immersion Experience, these teens will receive the same “A Place to Create” program membership privileges as other members of Creator Space. They may choose to be as involved as they are personally comfortable, with the option of using Creators Space on a daily basis if desired. With the included membership, teens may use the space for creating, attend our Just Begin classes, utilize the Creative Outlet areas ( Art Studio - Entrepreneurs Lab - Pottery Studio - Meditation Lounge), exhibit artwork, rent space at a discounted member rate and receive access to special networking and meet-up events for entrepreneurs.

Sample of Customized Teen Connect and Create Immersion Experiences

Each week, two creative options (generally one art studio focus and one mind/body/soul focus) will be offered. Our professional staff (working artists, teachers and entrepreneurs) will guide teens through the creative process and provide a supportive environment to explore themselves through the selected creative medium. Examples of what might be offered as a structured experience during a teen’s visit:


Structured/Guided Experience



Intuitive Drawing and Painting

Always wanted to just have some fun putting yourself out there with drawing and painting, without having to worry about making a masterpiece? Welcome to the exciting, messy, playful world of drawing and painting. The pressure is OFF. Have fun experimenting with color, texture, lines and mark-making.


The Myth of Multitasking

Defending the ability to multitask as a strength is a myth. The algorithms are stacked against us in a technologically advanced world. The reality is that screen-time consumes 5-6 hours of the average teenager’s time each day, we will use this opportunity to direct our youth to purposeful use of their devices, with an emphasis on face to face communication.


Pottery on the Wheel


Yoga, Mindful Meditation

Nurturing your creative spirit and restoration is at the heart of this extended relaxation experience.

Be prepared for some serious ahhhhh's as you settle in. This style of yoga is an antidote to our busy lives through supportive and nurturing postures with blankets, bolsters, and other props. Restorative yoga is designed to give your nervous system a break, induces calm and ease in the body and mind, and is very helpful for managing stress, increasing wellness, and of course ... nurturing your creative spirit!


Visual Journaling

Represent your story visually. Use collage, drawing, painting, poetry, etc to communicate your thoughts, memories and dreams. Learn a variety of tools, tricks and tips to convey your message.


Culinary Arts

Chef Guillermo


Observational Drawing and Painting

Always wanted to learn about how to make something look realistic? Do you want to learn how to make something look closer or further away? Do you struggle with how to make something look proportional? Let’s trust our eyes and experiment with drawing or painting something to represent something as we see it!


Creative Writing and Poetic Language

Language devices in poetry and expressive writing can help you to express emotions that you may not be able to express otherwise, developing emotional awareness and clarity. Learn tricks and tips of conveying your story in an artful way, Learn to be original and use your voice for power.



Resident artist, Bobby Haigh is a world-renowned printmaker. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and inviting teens into his world of printmaking. Experiment with monoprints and the world of printmaking!


Entrepreneurial Vision

Entrepreneurs help drive change with innovation, where new and improved products enable new markets to be developed. Learn how a creative vision can assist you in Entrepeneurialship.


Coming soon!

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